Sunday, October 31, 2004


Andhravaani's slogan is "Reading is good...Listening is better." It's a Telugu site that contains audio and video elements that make browsing more enjoyable for those who prefer listening to reading. However you can still read current news, horoscopes etc. Take a look when you get a chance..

Sneha to Appear in Sankranthi has an article on actress Sneha who has signed on to do a Telugu film. She will star opposite Venkatesh in Sankranthi. The actress had a few comments regarding how she will handle the more glamourous Telugu film scene:
"Even if I am doing Telugu films, I will not expose as I am personally against it. My parents and fans too will not like to see me doing such scenes. Maybe for other actresses, glamour is an essential part of acting but I am content playing non-glamour roles,"

Telugu Wing Celebrates Dusserah in Oman

The Telugu Wing of the Indian Social Club celebrated Dusserah with various cultural programmes i Muscat, Oman. You can read all about the even at the Times of Oman online.

An Interview with Telugu Star Nagarjuna

The Hindu has an interview with Telugu heartthrob Akkineni Nagarjuna. The actor discusses his career and fame. When asked about Telugu cinema Nagarjuna stated:
"There is no dearth of talent here. It wasn't the case a few years ago when we were merely aping Tamil cinema. The last few years have thrown up some immensely talented youngsters. I spend days listening to scripts from youngsters."

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Vikram Plans a Telugu Comeback reports that Tamil star Vikram is planning to do a full-fledged Telugu film next year. "I want to be back in Telugu with an exciting film" the actor said in an interview. He made his debut in Telugu with "Chirunavvulu Chindisthava" and ended up appearing in smaller roles in films like "Bangaru Kutumbam". Vikram later moved to Tamil cinema and became a top star in that industry. For the full interview click here.

Telugu Anchor's Nightmare

The Deccan Herald and the Times of India, both have reports on 24-year-old Telugu TV personality Udayabhanu and her traumatic personal troubles which have resulted in an injunction against her family, restraining them from interfering in her life. The television personality has even sought police protection from her parents.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Telugu Diaspora

Just discovered a website that is devoted to Telugus (over 2 million) around the world. In their words:
"Telugu Diaspora consists of overseas Telugus, who generally identify with the language they speak, Telugu...This site offers a universal platform for the Telugu Diaspora and its motherland to document information on:
  1. History of Telugu Diaspora (origins, destinations, population figures etc)
  2. Telugu associations, Foundations, Literary organizations and people associated
  3. Telugu culture and Identity in countries with considerable number of Telugus
  4. Networks and Linkages between the Telugus overseas and Andhra Pradesh (political, business and socio-cultural)
  5. Helping the old Telugu Diaspora members to trace their roots
  6. Making the site a resourceful platform for information on Telugu Diaspora"

Police and Citizens Team Up to Catch Robbers

The region of Vivekanandanagar in Kukatpally was a scene of major drama last week. The area came alive early Wednesday morning as two hundred determined citizens, 17 police patrol vans and 170 policemen worked together for about 12 hours to capture a gang of robbers that had broken into the house of a businessman. For more on this exciting story visit the Sun Network online for the full article.

Govt to request Maharashtra to aid Sriramsagar

The Andhra Pradesh government has decided to request Maharashtra for the release of its water to meet the crisis in areas under the Sriramsagar Project. You can read more on this story here (Source: Sun Network Online).

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sandali Sinha to Appear in Telugu Film

Visit for the latest news in the Telugu film industry, including information on a new Telugu movie that will feature actress Sandali Sinha.

Telugu Film Put on Hold

The release of the Telugu film Shankar Dada (MBBS) was put on hold until the 18th of October in Andhra Pradesh, following Chief Minister N. Dharam Singh’s request to halt Kannada film producers’ from protesting in some north Karnataka towns against defying the seven-week moratorium. Visit the Sun Network online for the full story.

Friday, October 08, 2004

A Telugu Remake has a report on a Telugu remake: "M Kumaran S/O Mahalakshmi". Visit their site for the full report.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

"Chanti..The Hero"

TotalTollywood reports that, "Chanti.. The Hero" has been confirmed as the title for a Vijayabala production starring Raviteja and Charmi. The title was confirmed today in a press meet. The film is currently shooting in Padmalaya studios. The hero was "the tag line attached to the film since Chanti is a quite common nick name." Visit TotalTollywood for more updates on the Telugu film industry.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Telugu Velugu

The Hindu has an interesting article on attempts at reviving Telugu culture. Two years ago, the Potti Sriramulu Institute for Social Re-Awakening launched a new programme called the "Telugu Velugu" quiz. The quiz was established to "revive pride in one's own language, literature, culture and history." The Institute felt that at a time when the English language was taking prominence over Telugu that something innovative had to be done to place the emphasis back on the mother tongue. The hope was to organise a quiz competition for high school and junior college students, in efforts to spark their imagination.

The third installment of the State-level quiz had finalists from various districts competing. The questions posed were dedicated to "the history of Telugu land, culture, language, grammar, literature, political history, role of Telugus in freedom movement, social reforms, khadi movement, environment and self-governance." The officials, however did not attract as many participants this year as they had hoped.

Here are some sample questions (with answers in brackets):
  1. Who was the Hyderabadi who had to receive lashes for singing Vandemataram? (Vandemataram Ramachandra Rao.)
  2. What are the sites in Telugu land, where the remains of early man preserved are called? (Rakshasa Gullu.)
  3. Who was the early historian who had mentioned about 30 strong forts of Andhras in his work? (Megastene.)
  4. The place where early information about use of iron was found stored in the underground? (Kondapur.)
  5. Which present day river was referred to as `Kanna Benna' in ancient epics? (The Krishna.)
  6. The first-known Telugu literary work? (Nannayya Bharatam.)
For the full article please visit The Hindu.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Telugu Proverbs (Saamethalu)

Visit for a listing of Telugu proverbs. You can actually search for your favorite saamethalu.

Telugu Quiz: Test Your Telugu Knowledge

Test your Telugu knowledge with this fun quiz.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Back to Village Basics

As part of their strategy to connect with the people, MLAs of the Congress party plan to go back to villages in order to study the problems of the people who reside in them and to take necessary remedial action. According to this new approach, each MLA would visit at least four villages or four municipal wards in one month for an "on-the-spot" check of their problems. The party’s decision was arrived at in a meeting held by Roads and Buildings Minister Jakkampudi Ramamohana Rao with the party MLAs in Kakinada. (Source: Sun Network online)

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Youth Oriented Films Top Telugu Box Office Over Fortnight

Two films targeting youth have topped the Telugu film charts over the past two weeks. Two other films, where stars attempt an image makeover, don't fare as well. For a complete synopsis of the films (which are listed below), visit

1. "Sye"
2. "Arjun"
3. "Gudumba Sankar"
4. "Cheppave Chirugali"
5. "1 4 3"

Telugu Ganga Water Used for Irrigation

Twenty one years after the Telugu Ganga project was initiated, the Cuddapah district has received Krishna water for purposes of irrigation. (Source: Sun Network online)

Friday, October 01, 2004

Telugu Cinema Wallpapers and Screensavers has an extensive listing of Telugu cinema wallpapers and screensavers for you to download. Now you can celebrate your favorite Telugu actors and films on your desktop. The image below is for the film "Allari".

Srikanth's Birthday Fiasco

A popular news daily reported that actor and cinema hero Srikanth would be celebrating a birthday today, October 1st. The actor's phone accordingly has been ringing off the hook all day by cheerful well wishers. Srikanth, however had to switch off his cell phone to avoid further birthday wishes. The reason being that his birthday was already celebrated a few months ago because his birthday is in fact in March. The poor actor had a rather embarrasing day due to a newspaper reporter's error.(Source: