Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Telugu Book Review: The Life and Teachings of Basava

From The Hindu:
The Hindu online has a book review of "BASAVA PURANAM: Palkuriki Somanathudu" (Pub. by Andhra Prachurana Pvt. Ltd., 103/1(new), Luz Church Road, Mylapore,Chennai-600004. Rs. 125). This is the latest edition of a 13th century A.D. narrative of the life and teachings of Basava, the Saivaite saint. The first edition was published in 1926 under the Andhra Granthamala series. Below is an excerpt from the review, click on it for the entire article.
The value of that edition was much enhanced by an introduction written by the pioneer of Telugu newspapers and journals, Kasinathuni Nageswara Rao Pantulu, who was also an eminent scholar and nationalist. Kasinathuni's essay is an in-depth study of the poet Somanatha's times and the religious chaos prevailing then. Somanatha lived during the last phase of the Kakatiya rule...

He declared that he was using "Janu Telugu", a pure form of Telugu spoken by common people. The easy flow, spontaneity of expression, touching episodes of devotees of the lowest strata of society made the work very popular with the commoners...


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