Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Telugu Religious Sites

We previously posted a link to Telugu Bhakti featuring many great religious links for those of the Hindu faith. There are many religions worshipped by Telugus all over the world. In the past we've discovered and listed a few Telugu Christian sites and posted items about Telugu Catholics (with bits of Telugu history here and here) and Telugu Muslims. Accordingly, over time, we'll compile a more indepth list of sites that feature more faiths, with a Telugu slant, of course. For now, you can check out Nannayya and Buddhism in Andhra Pradesh for those interested in Buddhism. Also, we've discovered another link for Telugu Christians entitled Telugu Language Outreach.

update: Telugu Christians might also like a book entitled "History of the Telugu Christians" by Antonius Kroot (1849-1918), scroll down once you click on the link, for info. Telugu Muslims might find books written by a Telugu journalist (in Telugu) on Indian Muslims, of interest.


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