Friday, January 28, 2005

"Zee sees domestic subscription grow by 31%"


"Alpha Telugu's losses in this quarter were extraordinary items, which are itself 6%, otherwise the profit after tax would have been 12% higher."

What's this? Read on, here.

Rakshita and Body Image: Telugu Vs. Kannada


Her film Kalasipalya was a hit and now South Indian actress Rakshita has signed onto a Telugu film opposite Chiranjeevi in Telugu. Rakshita, on the differences between Telugu and Kannada's body image preferences:
"In Telugu they like me to look plump while in Kannada my fans pleaded that I should shed my weight."

"TDP MLA murder: Rowdy owns up role, surrenders"

From Rediff news:
"A rowdy-sheeter surrendered before the police on Thursday night claiming involvement in the January 24 killing of Telugu Desam Party member of Legislative Assembly Paritala Ravi.

Vallupalli Rekamaiah, who is a history-sheeter under the Hanwada police station limits of Mahbubnagar district, gave himself up before Mahbubnagar Deputy Superintendent of Police K Anjaneyulu around 2145 IST.

Rekamaiah confessed to his involvement in an interview to a Telugu TV channel just before his surrender. He named Obul Reddy and Bhaskar Reddy of Anantapur district and Narayana Redy and Srinivas Reddy of Mahbubnagar as his accomplices. He claimed that the murder was committed at the behest of Gangula Suryanarayana Reddy, alias Suri, an archrival of Ravi."
For more on this story, click here.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

"VW may name, not money to Vizag"

From the Deccan:
"Hyderabad, Jan. 26: If and when Volkswagen eventually decides to set up a car assembly plant in Visakhapatnam, the German automobile major’ plant could entail an investment of only about 125 million euros (about Rs 715 crore; at Tuesday’s rate of Rs 57.19 per euro), and not the Rs 5,500 crore as Major Industries Minister Botcha Satyanarayana has been proclaiming. It would probably not even be directly involved in the project.

Also, according to papers from representatives of Volkswagen, the Beetle manufacturer will reportedly not be making any cash investment in the project. “The German company’s contribution will be only by way of technical know-how and licensing of brand,” the papers, in the form of an email to potential investors, say. Copies of the papers have been made available to Deccan Chronicle.

The financial structuring of the deal is convoluted. Apparently, the project is to be executed through a joint venture, with a company called COVL, with the Indian investor expected to bring in in 30 million euros as deposit to COVL for a three-year period against a bank guarantee from COVL. The money is to be returned at the end of three years, earning five per cent interest on the deposit. Apart from this, the investor would also have to invest another five million euros.

“Against the above funds, the investor will be allotted shares for 1.05 million euros, representing, eventually, 14 per cent equity in the Indian JV company. The German company will be allotted shares for euros 3.95 million, representing, eventually 51 per cent equity shares in the Indian JV company, though the investor pays for it. In other words, the equity of 1.05 million euros is coming at a premium of 3.95 million euros to the investor,” the papers say.

For its part, COVL will bring 60 million euros to the JV and will be allotted shares for 2.7 million euros representing, eventually, 35 per cent equity shares in the Indian JV company. “Effectively, COVL will be buying the shares at a premium of nearly 20 times the face value,” the papers said.

That VW will probably not be a direct party to the proposed project is indicated in COVL’s statement that, “Another 60 million euros will be brought in by COVL as a loan to the project through the German company’s trustees/nominees.” In fact, last week VW chief Bernd Pischetsrieder was quoted as saying, “I know nothing about this,” when asked about VW’s plans for India.

“The plant is being set up in Vizag. Free land has already been allotted by the government and all sops have already been granted by the government for this project,” the papers say. The proposed Indian JV is to manufacture 1100 cc and 1400 cc cars in the first phase, and COVL says it expects to produce 40,000 cars in three years from the proposed plant in Vizag.

COVL has also committed to pay a fees to its consultant for the Indian project. “The consultant is playing a key role in this match-making, and he has done a lot of work with the German board for clinching this deal for us. We have committed to pay him two million euros as fee, which the investor must pay,” the email said.
While it is unclear who the investor is, earlier this month, the State government announced that Andhra Pradesh Industrial Develop-ment Corp would be partnering with VW for the Vizag project. APIDC is reportedly investing five million euros in the proposed project. Satyanarayana and Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhar Reddy have indicated that a decision on the project is expected soon.

The proposed Vizag project could be along the lines of VW’s production in Iran where it has licenced out the manufacturing of VW cars to a local company, moving CKD kits from its plants in Brazil, according to industry observers.
Industrial circles in Hyderabad are unfazed by the apparent lack of direct involvement by VW in the Vizag project. “Even if the investment is far lesser than what is being bandied about, a car assembly unit will change the profile of Andhra Pradesh. The money will help in creating jobs and ancillary units in Vizag,” an industrialist said."

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Andhra Pradesh Rocked by Riots in Aftermath of TDP Leader's Murder

There are plenty of reports online regarding a state-wide shut down in Andhra Pradesh due to violent rioting and protests by TDP activists, in the wake of a TDP MLA's (Paritala Ravi) murder:

Washington Times
New Kerala
Hindustan Times
The Globe and Mail
The Indian Express

There are also reports stating that Jagan Mohan Reddy, the son of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YSR Reddy has been "accused" of participating in the murder. Visit NDTV and Rediff for more on this development. The CBI has been asked to investigate the murder.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Telugu Desam Party Leader Killed in Andhra Pradesh

A senior opposition leader in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh has been killed in a bomb attack. A TDP leader, Paritala Ravi, and one of his acquaintances, Eshwaraiah, were killed and a security guard was injured. Read more on this story at the BBC.

To read more about the conflicts in Andhra Pradesh, click on this report by the BBC entitled "Why Peace Collapsed In Andhra Pradesh".

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Telugu Film Actress Trisha Discusses the Pressures of Being in the Limelight

Expert Murthy Suggests Visag for Tsunami Warning Centre

From the Times of India:

"The ideal place for setting up a tsunami warning centre in India is Visakapatnam, suggested Tadepalli Murthy, in-charge of the Canadian cyclone warning system." Read more here.

"Telugu Talli flyover Opens to Traffic"

Friday, January 21, 2005

Interview with Son of Telugu Producer/Director: Vijay Andhiraj

News Today has an interview with Vijay Adhiraj, the son of Anand Mohan, a producer, director and distributor for Telugu movies. The actor discusses his career.

Waheeda Rehman First Noticed By Telugu Filmmaker

Waheeda Rehman, actress, who recently received the PIFF lifetime achievment award discusses the honour in an article on the Times of India. She mentions how her career began when a Telugu filmmaker first noticed her.

Radhika "Aims High" has an interesting article on actress Radhika who starred in many Telugu and Tamil films. She now heads Radaan Mediaworks (I) Ltd. The company provides serials in many languages including Telugu. Read more here.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Hyderabad: New Grading System to Be Introduced

From the Times of India via IANS:
"Hyderabad, Jan 17 (IANS) The grading system to be introduced for SSC students from next academic year will apply to each subject in the syllabus as well as the aggregate. A student will be given a grade for each subject—A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C and C—which will be equivalent to a range of marks under the current system. The aggregate grade will be computed on the basis of the evaluation subject-wise.

For instance, if a student secures 95 marks out of 100 in mathematics he will get an A+ grade for that subject. And if he gets 370 out 600 marks in all six subjects, he will get an A- aggregate score.

However, there will be no grading for the second language, Hindi. "It will be excluded from the grading exercise as the minimum pass mark for it is only 20," an official said. The pass mark for all other subjects—Telugu, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies—is 35.

For compartmental candidates, grading will be available only for individual subjects. They will not get grades for aggregate marks.

School education minister N Rajyalakshmi says the grading system would be a truer and fairer system of evaluating students in the higher classes. The marks system calls for absolute precision of judgment on the part of the teacher, which is not humanly possible. The grading system will place students of similar potential in one group, she said.

Awarding grades for each subject would facilitate comparison of students’ capability in that subject. This will also reflect the teaching standards in schools, she said."

Telugu Film Review

A not so favorable film review of "Naa Alludu".


"Rahul Dev scores in Telugu!"

Well the article is on fan favorite Rahul Dev who apparently is "happening" in the Telugu film scene. Check it out.


Devisri Prasad Reigns High Atop Telugu Music Charts

From IANS:

Devisri Prasad's "Sayye Sayyera" from "Naa Alladu" holds the top spot in this week's Telugu music charts. He maintains his winning ways with "Nuvvu Vasthanante Ne Vadantana" and "Mass" also.
1. "Naa Alludu": The album by Devisri Prasad is full of foot-tapping music and regains the top slot. "Sayye Sayyera" and "Pattuko Pattuko" are hits.

2. "Balu": Mani Sharma loses his first place despite a good mix of compositions. "Inthe Inthe" and "Kannu Kotina" are interesting. The poor response to the film has affected the album's appeal. It may be a while before Pavan delivers another musical hit like "Kushi" with Mani Sharma.

3. "Nuvvu Vasthanante Ne Vadantana": Devisri Prasad breaks away from his routine score to dish out a different album. He relies more on melody than on beats here to suit a soft film. "Ghal Ghal" and "Paadam Kadalanantunda" are already hits.

4. "Dhana 51": Composer Chakri makes a strong comeback with a peppy album. "I Am in Love" and "China Goda" are the best of the album. Director Surya Kiron has extracted a good score.

5. "Mass": Devisri Prasad's typically mass-oriented album holds on due to the big success of the film. "Kottu Kottu" and the title number are big hits. The composer has still not come out of the hangover of "Shankar Dada" in many of the tunes in this album.
(Source: Indo-Asian News Service/IANS)

Super Opening Day for Trisha's New Telugu Film

Visit for all the details regarding the super opening day for "Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana" starring Trisha and Siddharth.


Friday, January 14, 2005

Sun Network To Launch Fourth Telugu Channel in Andhra Pradesh

As quoted from

"In Andhra Pradesh, Maran is solidifying his leadership position with the launch of a fourth channel in February. The other three Telugu channels from Sun are general entertainment channel Gemini TV, movie and infotainment channel Teja TV and news channel Teja News."

For more info, click here.


Telugu Film Is Actress Trisha's Most Ambitious Project

Actress Trisha states that her new Telugu film "Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana" is her "most ambitious project". Read more here.


Thursday, January 13, 2005

Andhra Government Extends Aid to Fisherman Affected by Tsunami

Government extends financial help to fishermen. Read more.

(Source: Sunnetwork Online News)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Telugu Naadi

Amrish Puri Left an "Indelible Mark" on the Telugu Audience

Telugu cinema actor and Movie Artistes Association (MAA) President M. Mohan Babu reacted to the death of veteran actor Amrish Puri, who passed away on January 12th. Babu stated that Puri, who left an "indelible mark" on the Telugu audience, "would always be remembered." Read more here.


Siddharth Hopes New Film Key to Success in Tollywood

Actor Siddharth hopes his new Telugu film "Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana" holds the key to his future career in Tollywood. Read more here.


Monday, January 10, 2005

Telugu starlet steps into Tamil filmdom

Telugu starlet steps into Tamil filmdom. More at Talkies Today.


Andhra team urge Lt Governor to arrange ships for Telugu victims

Andhra team urges Lt Governor of Andaman and Nicobar islands to arrange ships for Telugu victims. Read more here.


Litterateur sans frontiers

Read about one professor's mission to encourage writing in regional languages, including Telugu.

(Source: The Hindu)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Andhra to Review Free Power Policy

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Amisha's Ego Costs Her Telugu Films

India Daily has reported that actress Amisha Patel:

"recently made headlines in Telugu media when she announced that she wasn''t comfortable working in Telugu films. She didn''t quiet bother to define exactly what made her feel uncomfortable in Hyderabad...She had received plenty of offers from Telugu, but her confessions had shut the doors here too. the only film that she is working in, right now, is being produced and directed by Vikram Bhatt, the man she is romantically linked to. "

Read the full article at

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Medicare for Andhra Pradesh's Tsunami Victims in "Full Swing" is reporting that medicare for tsunami victims in Andhra Pradesh is in "full swing." Read more here.

(Source: for news and image)

Broadband Link for All Andhra Villages in Two Years

On January 3rd the Andhra Pradesh Cabinet became the first State in India to approve a proposal to provide broadband connectivity to all villages within two years. Read more here.

(Source: The

About India

The Sun-Sentinel has a brief blurb about India on their website today (with a brief mention of Telugu):

"About India
  • Civilization in India (the Indus Valley) can be traced back at least 5,000 years
  • India has 15 official languages. Hindi is the national language; the other 14 are Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese, Kashmiri, Sindhi and Sanskrit.
  • The Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was built in 1631 in memory of Shah Jahan's second wife.
  • The Baha'i House of Worship near New Delhi is known as the Lotus Temple because of its unique architectural design. Since being dedicated to public worship in 1986, it has become one of the most-visited buildings in the world."

Telugu Movie Cartoons provides weekly "movie cartoons" for those who love Telugu cinema. Enjoy!

Telugu Actor, Bala Krishna Donates Rs. 3 lakhs Towards Indian Red Cross

Last week, Telugu film star Bala Krishna was the "first" celebrity from Tollywood to publicly donate financial aid towards the victims of the tsunami disaster. He handed over a cheque for Rs. 3 lakhs towards the Indian Red Cross. The actor credited his father Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao as his inspiration and teacher, when it comes to helping the poor. Bala Krishna also requested his fans to donate aid to the victims.

You can read more about his generous donation at


AP Web Directory

AP Online has an extensive web directory, listing several useful and informative links pertaining to the State of Andhra Pradesh and Telugu culture.

Andhra Promised 20,000 More Houses for Fishermen

Last week, Chief Minister, Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy stated that the Andhra Pradesh government would construct 20,000 additional houses for the fishermen community in the region, since they were the worst affected during the tsunami disaster. You can read more at The Hindu.

Source: AP Online News and The Hindu

Monday, January 03, 2005

Image Gallery: Top Ten Telugu Films of 2004

If you're a fan of Telugu films then please visit, they have an image gallery of the top ten Telugu films of 2004. We mentioned this in the previous post but thought that it was worth mentioning again, as they have lovely pics to view!

(Image courtesy of Dada MBBS)

Telugu Movie News

There's lots going on in Tollywood. Below are a few updates that you might find of interest. has a quote from actress Amisha on working with Jr. NTR:

"In down South Jr NTR overshadowed Amisha Patel while shooting for a Telugu film. But cool Amisha didn't mind it at all. "You can't even begin to imagine how the audiences worship the superstars down South! I was shooting for a Telugu film with Jr NTR; they consider him a close second only to Chiranjeevi we had to shoot in the back of the beyond, in Araku Valley, more than two hours away from Vishakhapatnam, simply because shooting with Jr NTR in any place that's easily accessible to the public is impossible. Anywhere he goes, there are Lakhs of people waiting to get a glimpse of him. He's a total craze! I was totally left amused by the experience", she explains."

Actress Amisha who will have a new Telugu release in 2005 is featured in another interview with the Times of India. has an image gallery of the top ten Telugu films of 2004.

Pawan Kalyan's Telugu film, (directed by Karunakaran) Balu ABCDEFG will be released this year. has a snippet of an interview with the actor.

Sify Movies has listed the best of the South 2004 and have included Telugu film "Varsham" on their list. Here is their synopsis of the film:

"Varsham (Telugu)Undoutedly M.S.Raju produced Varsham directed by Sobhan was the path breaking film in Telugu. The film released without much hype last Sankranthi and no one gave it an outside chance as it had newcomers like Prabhas and Trisha in the lead. But what worked for the film was that it was able to attract the lady and youth audience alike. This commercial film dared to be different with Trisha superbly carrying the film on her tender shoulders. The music of Devi Sri Prasad also worked to its advantage and Varsham was also one of the biggest grossers of 2004."

News Today has a feature on actress Namitha who has appeared in various Telugu films.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Andhra Born Scientist an Expert on Tsunamis

Andhra born scientist Dr. Tad Murty (now a Canadian resident) is suddenly garnering the world's attention as his expertise with tsunamis' is now in urgent demand. His fascination with tsunamis' evolved from an early interest with natural hazards. Murty created a pacific monitoring system and may be called upon to create an Indian Ocean tsunami monitoring system. You can read more about him at the Toronto Star online.

(Source: The Toronto Star, image by Tobin Grimshaw)

Brand Hyderabad

MSN India has an article regarding the city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh:

"Brand Hyderabad finally arrived in style on the IT map of the country in 2004. Three big ticket happenings towards the end of the year confirmed the credentials that the city had slowly been building up as a preferred destination for IT investments, software and hardware, in the country..."

Read more here.

Teen Actress' Starts Film Career in Tollywood via IANS has a story on teenaged actress Kamna Nimesh Jethmalani, you may recall her from "Chhor Do Aanchal", her music video which became a major hit. This year she will star in her first movie entitled "Venilla" which happens to be a Telugu film.

"Offers from Bollywood started coming in after the video was released but Kamna says she preferred to start with a Telugu film because the role seemed most appropriate."

You can read more here.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Telugus from Andamans land in Vizag

The Deccan Chronicle reports that 1,050 Telugus from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have landed in the city of Visakhapatnam.

Update: via IANS has a report on this story, as well.

Telugu Actor, Chiranjeevi Donates 1 Million Rupees for Victims of Tsunami

Telugu actor, Chiranjeevi donates 1 million rupees (10 lakhs) for the victims of last weeks devastating tsunami. Visit The for more.