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"Testing Telugu Waters"

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Telugu Enterntainment News: Scanning the Headlines

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Malaysia Woos Tollywood Too

Members of a Telugu Film Crew Drown

Monday, September 12, 2005

Festival Reflecting Golden Era of Telugu Cinema


A festival of films reflecting the Golden era (1935-1965) of Telugu cinema, will be held in Chennai on Sundays (starting on the 11th of September). A total of nine films will be screened. Read more.

Telugu Worker's Dramatic Memory Recovery

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Telugu Feminism

Source: c2b2b News,

C2b2b News has an article from July of this year on Telugu feminist writer Vasantha Kannabhiran, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It's worth reading. Also nominated and from Andhra Pradesh were Prameela, a health worker from Guntur and Mugulamma, a handicapped woman associated with literacy campaign. Click on the link to read the article in its entirety.

M. Swathy Margaret another Telugu feminist writes about "Dalit Feminism". The piece was posted on in June of this year.

This is just a sampling of articles on Telugu feminism. I'll do a broader search and gather more links.

Friday, September 09, 2005

"Politics of mother tongue in Andhra" by K. Ilaiah

Source: Asian Age
Kancha Ilaiah wrote a piece in Asian Age entitled the "Politics of mother tongue in Andhra". Here's an excerpt:
"It is a myth that Telugu is the mother tongue of all the castes and tribes in Andhra. It displaced many other languages to occupy the throne. Ironically, the purveyors of Telugu nationalism are now airing fears that it will be gobbled up by English. In fact, English has become ubiquitous in urban areas. Those who travel on Indian domestic flights know that most upper middle-class parents speak to their children in English. It has already become the "mother tongue" of the chattering classes who mostly belong to the upper castes."
Click on the this link and search for "Kancha Ilaiah" in the "archived articles" (unfortunately there is no direct link and the site is best viewed on Internet Explorer).

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