Friday, March 31, 2006

"Wild with Worry"

An article from The Hindu Business Line with a brief mention of Telugu:
"Lost in Telugu land. It happened to Paul and me. By signs we conversed with the Telugu folk at hotels and cigarette kiosks and spoke to ourselves in our spare time. My passionate Telugu friends, Giri and Vyjayanti, did not like it and thought one was not sufficiently appreciative of the lilting nuances of their Telugu tongue, mightily praised by poet Bharati. "You should have taken me along," Vyjayanti told me over the phone and one generally does not argue with her.

Badvel is neither a town nor a village, lying on the edge of the Sri Lanka Malleswara Wildlife Sanctuary which in turn ends up at the feet of the Lankamalai hills. Capital names in Telugu are prolonged alphabetical journeys like the 400 km run either way from Badvel to Hyderabad and back."
Click here for the entire article.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hema Malini to Perform at Ugadi Celebration

Ugadi Greetings

Happy Ugadi to all our readers. Ugadi is the Telugu New Year. Read more about celebrations in Andhra Pradesh here:

India Glitz
News Today
The Hindu

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Amitabh Might be in Telugu Film

Link via Andhra Cafe.

World Telugu Federation Conference to be Held in Dubai

Lots of stories about this one:

Strategiy (and here)
New Kerala


Telugu Hanuman Coming Soon

Read more at Andhra Cafe.

Telugu Cinema discusses the Telugu cinema scene: including the influx of talent in AP whilst filmmakers continue to use talent from neighbouring states and also the decrease in moviegoers to Telugu films. Read more.

Judgements to be Delivered in Telugu

Read about it at The Hindu.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Telugu Ghazal Concert in Qatar

Popular Telugu ghazal singer Dr. G. Sreenivas will perform at a concert in Doha, Qatar on March 30. The concert will be held at the Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) and will be hosted by both the Telugu Kala Samiti (TKS) and Sri Lankan Airlines. Dr. Srinivas has performed at over 5000 concerts all over the world, for more than twenty years.

Source: Gulf Times

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Stone Laid for Telugu Medium Tsunami DAV School

The foundation stone for a Telugu medium school for victims of the 2004 tsunami was laid last Friday in Vishakhapatnam. The president of the DAV schools, GP Chopraji, allotted the special school at Rajayyapeta in Nakkapalli for tsunami victims free of cost.

Source: Newindpress

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

AP Info

Just spotted another Andhra Pradesh based website entitled AP Info. It offers news, links etc.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Language Commission Pres: Use Telugu

Official Language Commission President, ABK Prasad, last week urged people to use the Telugu language in their daily communication. He requested Telugus to give proper importance to the language, thereby saving it from obliteration. Prasad shared his concerns over neighbouring Tamil Nadu and Karnataka who've shown an increasing interest in the preservation of their respective lanugages while Andhraites seem to be in a state of neglect over theirs. The OLC President stated that after 40 years of the language's existence, it was shameful to even have to urge people to implement Telugu as an official language.

Source: Newindpress

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Telugu Naadi Magazine

The cover of the March issue of Telugu Naadi (a magazine for US Telugu readers):

"Telugu Naadi is a unique monthly magazine designed to bring to the readers the best fiction and non-fiction published in Telugu. Telugu Naadi is a digest of interesting, informative and entertaining articles selected by the editors every month - by arrangement with Eenadu, Andhrajyothi, Swati, Rachana, Haasam, Patrika, and Vijayavihaaram plus original content written exclusively for Telugu Naadi."
Also check out their FAQ page.

Telugu on IMDB


Andhra Bharati via Malapati Raja Sekhar (who has a very cool blog). Check out this entry here on "Japanese Characters to Telugu Letters".

Also discovered another Telugu related entertainment site: Telugu Galatta.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Top Five Telugu Albums

Source: New Kerala

1. "Sri Ramadasu"
2. "Lakshmi"
3. "Ranam"
4. "Happy"
5. "Style"

Friday, March 10, 2006

Push for Classical Language Status Continues

Source: New Kerala

On March 8, 2006 a delegation from Andhra Pradesh spoke to Union Culture Minister, Ambika Soni, demanding that classical language status be bestowed upon the Telugu language.
"The delegation, led by state Sports minister and Chairman of a Task Foce appointed for the purpose, told Soni that Telugu satisfies the criteria of antiquity of 1500 years laid down for granting status of classical language as it has a history of 3000 years. Besides, Telugu is the second largest spoken language after Hindi in the country, Rao said. He submitted a memorandum to Soni signed by a large number of MPs from the state cutting across party lines.

Talking to reporters after the meeting, Soni said: "They have put their views across. They have also put in their point of view on certain notification of the Cabinet which I am not aware of, but I have put it down, which they feel are discriminatory."
Soni intends to write a letter to the Prime Minister on the delegation's behalf. Recent developments in this debate include a unanimous resolution of the state assembly demanding the conferral of classical language status for Telugu.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

"Political and Social Reality in Telugu Fiction"

I found this piece on Telugu fiction entitled "Political and Social Reality in Telugu Fiction". The author's name is V.V.S Sarma from Bangalore. I'm not sure as to the date the piece was written.

India Today Telugu

The popular India Today Megabrand of magazines/news etc. (which include a Telugu version) announced that they would be increasing their ad rates by 6-15% in order to compensate for a substantial growth in readership. The ad rate for India Today Telugu will increase by 14.29%. I don't think there is an online version of India Today Telugu but you can subscribe to the magazine here.

Source: Indian Television

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


We recently mentioned that Telugu film "Lakshmi" was number one at the box office in Andhra Pradesh. Now Running gave the film three out of five stars and has a slew of screen caps from the film for your viewing pleasure. A brief synopsis from the site:
Director:V V Vinayak
Producer:Nallamalupu Bujji
Cast: Venkatesh, Nayantara,Charmee,Pradeep Rawate and Shayaji Shinde
Music: Ramana Gogula
Lyrics: Chandrabose, Kulasekhar, Vishwa

Andhra Pradesh News

Daily India posts the latest news, articles and info from our southern state. FYI of course.

Top Five Telugu Films

Source: IANS via Daily India

The top five Telugu films for the fortnight are:

1. "Lakshmi"
2. "Ranam"
3. "Style"
4. "Happy"
5. "Rajababu"

Did anyone see these films? Do you have any reviews to share? Email them or leave a message in the comments.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Telugu Folklore Films features a paper (downloadable in PDF format) entitled Telugu Folklore Films: The Case of Patala Bhairavi (Published in Deep Focus: A Film Quarterly, Volume IX, Number 1, 2001, pp. 45-50).

In their own words: "The Sephis programme was established in 1994 and is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Development Cooperation. Sephis aims at encouraging the formation of a South-South network directed towards comparative historical research on long-term processes of change."

An excerpt from the paper on Telugu folklore films (click on the link above for more):
"The folklore film was very popular in Telugu between the 1940s and the late 1960s and played an important role in the careers of both Akkineni Nageswara Rao and N. T. Rama Rao. Folklore films sometimes drew on popular plays or fantasy and romances already in print. They were often produced from stories generated by the film industry itself. Strictly speaking then, the folklore film has very little to do with ‘folk tales’ which are supposedly timeless, of indigenous origin and transmitted orally. The folklore film was strongly influenced by Hollywood’s ‘orientalist’ fantasies as well as the Douglas Fairbanks stylestunt films (Rajadhyaksha and Willemen 1999)."

The Telugu-French Connection

Source: Newindpress

Here's a fantastic report to share with you via Newindpress.

Imagine meeting a French man in an Andhra town who speaks Telugu, and roams freely through the villages. Well Daniel Negers is not just a figment of one's imagination but an actual Telugu professor of French descent who is in love with everything Telugu.

He is exploring the "socio-cultural metamorphosis" of Peddapuram town from its beginnings as a colonial kingdom to its development into a thriving town. He teaches at the Centre de Pondicherry of the Ecole Francaise d'Extreme-Orient, a French institution devoted to the study of the Far-east.

He previously studied the Burrakatha traditions in the East Godavary, visiting/researching villages in the district. Newindpress reports that, according to the French scholar, "there is a great collection of Telugu palm leaf texts and hand-written manuscripts in various libraries and universities of France and many of them are rare and do not have copies in India."
“Telugu and French have lot of commonalities. Their origin and evolution has similarities and similar is their time of appearance in human history. However, while French developed into an international language, the Telugu remained confined to a small corner as it came under the subjugation of English masters as did most other Indian languages,” says this Telugu professor, who is in love with everything Telugu.
Update: Zee News has a feature on Daniel Negers as well. Among other facts, Zee News informs us that Negers created a French-Telugu dictionary after learning the language.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Telugu Cinema

Telugu is an excellent source for discovering Tollywood. They have many cool features for avid film fans. One of which lists all the Telugu films that are being screened in and around the U.S each week.

The site also has a lovely gallery of images devoted to actors and happenings from Telugu cinema. Visit the Meera Chopra section for instance (see pic above). There's also a section devoted to actor Chiranjeevi's daughter's wedding. There are loads more, so have fun browsing.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Nizam of Hyderabad's Shoes Found

Source: The Toronto Star and Macleans

You may recall this story, we posted awhile ago.

The bejewelled slippers worn by the Nizam Sikandar Jah of Hyderabad (during his rule from 1803 to 1829) that were stolen from the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto in January, have been found by Toronto police. A thirty-five-year-old man was charged with "possession of property obtained by crime." Intially both the police and museum officials underplayed the value of the stolen artifacts with the hope of their return. The slippers are valued at $160,000, while the two other 18th century artifacts: a gold toe ring, and a gold anklet were valued at $11,000 and $45,000 respectively.

The Toronto Star describes the process of recovering the stolen artifacts as a "series of moves...that combined a cloak-and-dagger operation with a fairytale ending." Museum chairman Sonja Bata said, "It's quite a miracle. This wouldn't have happened if the press hadn't publicized it so much." Read more about this exciting story here.

Cartoon: A Visit to Andhra Pradesh

Image Source: Andhra Cafe

U.S Consultate in Hyderabad: More Tourism and Trade

Source: Andhra Cafe

A U.S consulate in Hyderabad will likely come to realization in October 2007. Andhra Cafe speculates that countries like Britain and France will follow suit, boosting the trade and tourism industries. According to Andhra Cafe, a consulate in the city would make things considerably easier for residents of Andhra Pradesh who have to travel to Chennai for visas. It may also be run by mainly Telugu speaking officials.

Tanu: A Different Kind of Telugu Film

Source: The Hindu

Forty-three year old cinematographer turned director Nagender Kumar's debut film 'Tanu' explores female relationships. It's a theme that's rarely ventured into in Telugu cinema. Although it is a commercial film, there are "art house" elements to it, owing to the director's fascination with that genre:
"This bold tale revolves around women who have strong and distinguished roles to play. It shows the immense courage of a daughter to take an unconventional decision and a mother's struggle to accept the decision that would change the lives of two people forever. Nagender says, "The subject was so risky that none of the actresses we approached agreed. Suhasini was the only one who grabbed the offer. Tanmayi or Tanu, played by Archana, suited the role to the hilt. Sivaji Raja as the middle-aged hero showed the insight and sensitivity to grasp human nature and that helped in creating an honest character."

Read more of the review written by Y. Sunita Chowdhary from The Hindu.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Bush, Laura and Condy Arrive in Hyderabad!

Whether you like the man or not, one has to agree that U.S President George Bush's visit to Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh is rather exciting for Telugu and Andhra fans alike. After all, it is our State that is centre stage at the moment. Accompanying the President, is his wife Laura and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Ms. Rice seemed quite pleased with the gifts that were bestowed upon her: a straw hat, a few handbags and a sari.

President Bush apparently loves Indian food, chicken and lamb curries being his favorite. Former President Clinton also indulges in Indian cuisine with Tandoori chicken being his dish of choice. On his last visit to Hyderabad Clinton headed straight for the hotel were he dined for two hours straight.

From NDTV:
US President George Bush is in Hyderabad amid tight security and a protest shutdown called by Muslim groups. From the airport a chopper flew him to NG Ranga Agriculture University where he is meeting farmers. The American leader will also interact with students of the Indian School of Business. The university is involved in US-India knowledge initiative on agriculture. The business school is affiliated with the Wharton and Kellogg School of Management. Bush could also formally announce the setting up of a US Consulate in Hyderabad.
Read more or watch videos of the presidential visit at NDTV.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cultural Harmony: Telugu and Kannada

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Property Details in Hyderabad Available via SMS

From: IBN Live

If you send an SMS you will be able to obtain the details of property ownership in Hyderabad. Read more.

French Documentary to be Dubbed in Telugu

Amitabh Bachchan will dub a Hindi version voice over for a French documentary. The film entitled "March of the Penguins" will also be dubbed in Telugu, Tamil and English. Visit India FM.

An Unwanted Guest of Andhra Pradesh?

The Telugu Desam Party has stated that President Bush's foreign policy promotes religious hatred.

Read more from The Hindu.

Bush to Visit Hyderabad

Source: DNA India

Why do successive US Presidents head straight for Hyderabad? It has been suggested that the sizeable and increasingly influential Telugu diaspora along with the city's continuous development may have something to do with it.
"Like his predecessor Bill Clinton, who made it a point to visit the city in 2000, US President George W Bush will put in an appearance in Hyderabad on Friday to spend a few hours at the N G Ranga Agricultural University and the Indian School of Business (ISB), for a chat with young entrepreneurs.

"Former President Clinton may have come here because of Naidu's image, but the fact remains that the US emphasis on Hyderabad is also because AP has the highest number of legit workers in America," says P Radhakishore, director of the US Commercial Service, an arm of the US Department of Commerce.

...A more important reason than sheer numbers is that the Telugu diaspora in the US is perhaps the most affluent and influential so far as political lobbying is concerned, says T L S Bhaskar, a researcher from Hyderabad University."
  • 10,000 students and up to 8,000 tech workers travel to the US from Andhra each year
  • President Bush will announce opening of a consulate in Hyderabad on Friday
  • 1.7 million Indians live in the US, nearly 40 per cent of which are estimated to be Telugus
  • Hyderabad is emerging as a manufacturing hub for hi-tech