Monday, May 29, 2006

A Taste of East Godavari for Telugu Desam Delegates


On May 27 a three-day Telugu Desam Mahanadu began in Rajahmundry. The TDP's menu was comprised of delicacies hailing from the East Godavari district for their over 45,000 delegates who were expected to attend:
The lunch and dinner will have three curries, two fries, dal curry, two chutnies, pickle, papads, gun powder, coconut powder, sambar, rasam and curd. Special sweets and fruits produced in the district will be served to the delegates along with the food. About 15,000 pootarekulu, 15,000 Kakinada gottam kajalu, 15,000 Mandapeta Madata-kajalu, 20,000 jack-fruit pods, 20,000 bananas and 20,000 mangoes have been ordered. Breakfast will have three items besides chutnies, ghee, sambar, coffee and tea. Moreover, several mouth-watering snacks and tea have been planned for the evening. Waterproof kitchen and dining halls with all facilities have been furnished on the college grounds...Non-vegetarian items would also be served to the delegates on Sunday...


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