Friday, May 19, 2006

Top Telugu Album: Pokiri

According to IANS the "Pokiri" album is selling like hot cakes. Visit NowRunning for links to wallpapers, reviews, trailers etc.

The top five Telugu albums are:
1. "Pokiri": "Noppi Noppi" and "Dole Dole' are the catchiest tunes of the chartbusting album.

2. "Bangaram": Composer Vidyasagar displays his capacity to produce mass-oriented tunes, but the film's declining collections could affect the audio's market. Still, "Ra Ra Bangaram" and "Egire Chilakamma" are aired on every countdown show.

3. "Godavari": After the hugely successful "Anand", director Sekar and composer Radhakrishna team up to deliver another classical-based album. It is like a breath of fresh air if you overlook the similarities with "Anand". "Manasa Gelupu" and "Manasavacha" stand out.

4. "Pandem Kodi": After "Happy", the Tamil composer's "Pandem Kodi" (remake of Tamil "Sandai Kozhi") album sounds interesting. "Gumthalakadi Gabba" and "Ooni Vesina Deepavali" stand apart. The film's success could enhance the audio's sales.

5. "Mayajalam": After a long gap, director-composer S.V. Krishna Reddy comes up with an album of hummable tunes. Its success will depend on the film. "Hot Summer" and "Teeyaga" are peppy numbers.
Source: IANS via Now Running


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