Thursday, June 29, 2006

"Hanuman" Dubbed into Telugu

The animated film "Hanuman" which was a huge success in Hindi will now be dubbed into Telugu by the Hyderabad Innovation Company. The Telugu version will be narrated by Tollywood film star Chiranjeevi. Also on board are Challa Krishna Mohan for production, Viji Samanth for direction and Mullapudi Venkataramana for the dialogue. The film will be scored by Tapan Ralia and the lyrics will be written by Veturi. The Telugu version is slated for release soon.


Telugu Top Five

Telugu Films:

1. ‘Pokiri’ - the film has set a new record crossing the 50-day mark in 299 centres
2. ‘Vikramarkudu’
3. ‘Godavari’
4. ‘Kitakitalu’
5. ‘Sri Ramadasu’

Telugu Albums:

1. ‘Ashok’ - Mani Sharma is still on top!
2. ‘Vikramarkudu’
3. ‘Pokiri’
4. ‘Asthram’
5. ‘Godavari’


Monday, June 26, 2006

Rajahmundry: The Hub of Education

Newindpress is reporting that the city of Rajahmundry is quickly turning into a "hub of education" with two universities, Adikavi Nannayya University and Potti Sriramulu Telugu University and a possible third university to make its way into the city:
Plans are afoot to start a Petro University in the city. If the university comes into existence, it may well fuel the historical city’s flight to a prominent place on the national education map.

A medical college, an engineering college, an autonomous government degree and PG college, nursing, BPharmacy, DPharmacy, MBA, MCA colleges, junior, vocational and degree colleges, elementary schools and high schools are located in the city.
Rajahmundry is a city in Andhra Pradesh located at the head of the Godavari River delta. Read more about Rajahmundry here.

Chiranjeevi to Appear at American Telugu Conference

Telugu actor Chiranjeevi and many others from Tollywood (the Telugu film industry) will be making an appearance at the Ninth American Telugu Association Conference and Youth Convention in Long Beach, California starting on June 30 to July 2.

Source: The Hindu

Friday, June 23, 2006

Amazing Telugus

Twenty-One Years Ago: Air India Flight 182 Disaster

Image: Brian Lary

It seems like it was only yesterday.

Yet twenty-one years have passed since Air India Flight 182 fell over the coast of Ireland due to a terrorist bomb. This event affected Indo-Canadians profoundly, especially those who lost dear friends and loved ones that terrible day. In our post last year we mentioned how a town in Andhra Pradesh was directly affected by the tragedy. Click here to revisit that post.

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Da Vinci Protests Begin

Protests by Christian groups begin in Hyderabad following the High Court's decision to cancel the state government's ban on the Da Vinci Code movie. Read more about the protests at Rediff.

Telugu Clips Blog

The Telugu Clips blog which started last February (by a blogger from the UK), offers the following: "Movies, Video Songs, Comedy Scenes, Fonts, Devotional Clips etc." Check it out.

Telugu Calendars

Andhra Vision has on their website downloadable Telugu Calendars for 2006. Above are the calendars for June and July. Click to enlarge.

"Telugus Abandoning Mother Tongue"

The Times of India has an article on the rising predicament for families in Andhra where both children and thirty-something adults are slowly replacing Telugu with Hindi. Although able to speak in Telugu, many are unable to read or write in the language. Read more here.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Da Vinci Code to be Released in Andhra After All

The Andhra Pradesh High Court has annulled the state government’s order prohibiting the screening of the controversial film ‘The Da Vinci code’. As a result, the verdict has delighted many curious movie lovers and film distributors alike. The film is slated for release in Andhra on either the 24th or 30th of June. The distributors plan to release the Telugu version of the movie on a later date.

Although some Christian leaders agreed to abide by the High Court's order, others were concerned whether the life of Jesus Christ was being accurately portrayed. The youth wing of the National Congress of Indian Christians plans to challenge the High Court's decision.

In his 48 page order, Justice Raghu Ram said: "The constitution does not confer or tolerate such individualised hyper-sensitive private censor intrusion into and regulation of guaranteed freedom of others."

Visit for more.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rising Salaries for Telugu Starlets

New kid on the Tollywood block: Illeana

Read this blurb over at Telugu Cinema.

Prayer Meeting for Philanthropist K. Narasimha Rao

Source: Gulf Daily News

On Wednesday, June 21st a prayer meeting in honour of K. Narasimha Rao who passed away last Saturday due to a heart attack, will be held at his residence in Gudaibiya. Rao who worked in Bahrain for over twenty years, was a native of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. He was a member of the Telugu Kala Samithi, a noted philanthropist, was involved in social work and maintained close ties with many local Telugu families. His body was cremated at the Hindu cremation grounds in Askar on June 20th. He is survived by his wife and two sons who presently live in Bahrain.

Sifymax to Broadcast World Cup Highlights in Telugu

Image: Yahoo

From, India's first exclusive broadband portal from SifyLimited (Nasdaq:SIFY), a leader in consumer Internet and enterpriseservices in India with global delivery capabilities, announced todaythat it will provide highlights of FIFA World Cup 2006 in 5 differentlanguages including Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam inaddition to English.
Read on.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

AasaaGalam - Voice Of Ambition in Telugu provides a variety of podcasts for download. Last November the world's first Telugu podcast was broadcast, you can listen to it below. Listen to others here.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bapu Bomma


Bapu the famous Telugu artist hailing from the city of Narsapur in Andhra Pradesh has his own official website called Bapu Bomma (translation: Bapu Pictures). We previously posted an entry about Bapu's art last year. The artist's official site (which is still in the developmental stage) displays a gallery of his artwork and daily cartoons.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Muggulu: Traditional Andhra Chalk Paintings

by Maharshi Pingali, for Greenstar India, © copyright 2001, the Mandel of Parvatapur, Andhra Pradesh

Found a site which displays some lovely traditional chalk paintings from the village of Parvatapur in Andhra Pradesh:
The chalk paintings are called "Muggulu" in Telugu, the common language of Andhra Pradesh.There are many festivals associated with chalk paintings. During harvest period, which generally falls in January, there is a big festival in Andhra Pradesh called Sankranti. Unmarried girls make chalk paintings in front of their houses; every home will have a unique image.
Click here to read more. There's also a short video clip showcasing the chalk paintings.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Telugu Diaspora: Travels and Observations

Source: India

G.S. Bhargava a former principal information officer for the Indian government wrote a notable piece for India eNews about the Telugu diaspora and the countries in which they have settled. The article is entitled "Telugu diaspora on the 'road to Mandalay' and beyond" and is based on the writer's travels. It is definitely worth reading. Here's a small excerpt:
There is a qualitative difference between the US-based Telugu diaspora and similar settlers in Britain. The American Telugus are the most recent, having gone there since the late 1950's. They are largely academics, engineers, information technologists, medical doctors and other brainworkers...

Quite a few members of the Telugu diaspora have invested handsomely in the communities back home. They run schools and hospitals in different districts of Andhra Pradesh. The tragedy, however, is that at home the Telugus are drawn into internecine diversities, like Andhra and Telangana, and even infested by caste loyalties which are overlooked in the US...

Celebration of functions likes Telugu New Year (Ugadi) and Deepavali are among their specialties. They also interact with local and Federal US administrative authorities and bring them close to the Telugus. Their ambition is to get Telugu teaching introduced in some prestigious US schools.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

At The Dinner Table: Andhra Pickles

The gongura pickle managed to escape quite quickly. Thankfully, new bottles of tomato and avakaya (mango) arrived in due time. Whew!

Rural Andhra Pradesh

A beautiful photograph of Rural Andhra Pradesh taken by Flickr user Kalyan3 who was born in Tsundur.

Andhra Government Reduces Gas and Petrol Prices is reporting today that in Andhra Pradesh the price of petrol has decreased by 40 paise/litre and the price of diesel has decreased by 22 paise/litre.

Discover Andhra Pradesh

There's so much to see and do! Browse Flickr for a more personal look.

Friday, June 02, 2006

A Bhimavaram Sunset

Source: Wattman

There's nothing like it.

Laxman Aelay: Painting Village Life

Artwork by Laxman Aelay

You can purchase prints by Telugu artist Laxman Aelay at
Laxman Aelay is a weaver by family profession, but he has never woven a yard of cloth. Instead, he has preferred to ceaselessly sketch the different facets of life in his village. With the result that whatever he has painted and even if the images in them are abstracted, they are sensitive and true depiction of the idyllic world where he spent his childhood. Laxman is among those few who had the eye to see and the heart to feel the pulse of a villager in all moods; metaphorically he still lives in his native place. Read more.

Andhra Pradesh Gov Bans Da Vinci Code Screening

Source: The Financial Express

In order to keep the peace and prevent "agitational activities" from transpiring, the Andhra Pradesh government banned the screening of the The Da Vinci Code film which was originally scheduled for a June 3rd release in the state. According to The Financial Express, the decision to ban the film's screening was reached upon considering the demands of various minority organisations which claimed that screenings of the film would hurt the religious sentiments of Christians.
"After taking into consideration the reports and complaints from minority community, particularly Christians, the government has come to conclusion that exhibition of the film is likely to cause breach of peace and hurt religious sentiments," the government order issued here said. The ban would be applicable throughout the state to English, Telugu and other language versions of the film, the government order said.
Censorship or religious right? I'm sure the debate will continue, regardless of all the bad reviews the film has received from noted critics.

Purdue Telugu Productions Indra

Purdue Telugu Productions is a group of talented Telugu students from Purdue University in Indiana. They produce humorous Telugu videos and are definitely worth checking out. Cheers to them. Click here for more. A sample follows below, it's a scene from the Telugu film "Indra":

Telugu Features on Indian Pad

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Narsapur on the Internet

Sources: and Wattman

An online tribute and a history lesson of sorts about the beautiful Andhra town of Narsapur. There's lots of info on the railway lines that travel through Narsapur as well.

A Train Ride Through Bhimavaram Town

Wattman has some lovely images of railways in Andhra Pradesh that feature the towns of Narsapur and Bhimavaram. If you've ever lived in these towns or travelled through them via train, this collection of images will bring back lovely memories.

Source: Wattman